Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What is good erotica?

This is a short post, a question really. What is good erotica to you? I've been trolling the Internet, reading what I see. I came across a few forums of readers who gave their opinions. Here's what I've gleaned by their answers. For romance readers, they want to see erotic romance which to them is a book with a happily-ever-after. Many of those readers also mentioned the book had to have a sound plot, which they believed an erotica-only book didn't have. Some even mentioned that erotica didn't have strong character development and was all about stringing sex scenes together. One writer mentioned eroica was what made you wet just reading it. So reader, tell me what is it to you? Did I mention this is a non-spamming zone? <g>


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  1. As a reader it matters that you ask the these questions. I love the creative minds of authors, and I know they can write good stories. anyone can throw together sex scenes.
    I like when there is depth to the characters and if I can care about them as real people. I want an emotional connection to the heroes and heroines and know that the story will not go rushing into end without a solid good conclusion.
    Does that make sense? I hope it does...*S* there are alot of good writers, and i finding new ones all the time....*S*

    This book reads delicious and I believe it has already drawn me in....*S*

    Thank you for asking these questions, and being a part of TRS so we readers can be a part of it...*S*


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